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    Just like humans, animal have joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.  However,                    unlike humans, they often don't complain after sustaining an injury to these
         structures.  Instead, they compensate by moving differently and re-distributing
           their weight.  This is an important survival skill.  At some point, thought, they can
            no longer compensate effectively and we begin to see symptoms.  Unfortun-
             ately, by this time, the injury has often become severe.

                By examining your pet, Dr. Hunt is able to discover structural and neurological
                 disorders even before they become symptomatic.  She then uses gentle
                  joint manipulation, massage and rehabilitation exercises to restore pain-free
                  motion to all joints and soft tissues.
Does Your Pet Need Chiropractic Care?
  • Avoids or hesitates when jumping up or down
  • Yelps, cries or protests during certain movements or when being touched
  • Unable to bear weight evenly on all 4 legs
  • Walks with a limp or favors one limb
  • Is slower and tires more quickly on walks
  • Struggles to stand after sitting or laying down
  • Has unexplained incontinence, seizures or coughing
  • Is depressed, grouchy or has lost interest in playing
  • Walks or sits differently than normal
  • Has difficulty climbing up or down stairs or walking on slick surfaces
Signs Your 
Pet May Need
Chiropractic Care